Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Best games of 2010 (part one)

I've decided to talk about what games I enjoyed the most of 2010. I hate to say this but for me as a gamer 2010 was not a good year. The start was slow and the end had only a few ket titles that kept me entertained however this does not mean that all the games sucked, the best games are up as some of the best games of all time. So I'll start with one which I've been waiting a long time for.

3. Red Dead Redemption

The thrid best game of 2010 and there is a big difference between this and the fourth best game of 2010 (I suppose its Call of Duty or something.) Red Dead Redemption is a rooting tooting cowboy adventure, its a game I have been waiting for since Red Dead Revolover which had the action but no sandbox world to get lost in. Then a few years later Gun came out and it was the best cowboy game I had ever played for the weekend. So I've been waiting for a cowboy game with the world to have fun in, waiting since the PS2. So When the new Red Dead game I was (needless to say) excited about it and well It was well worth the wait so what makes it the third best game of 2010 well I'll start with graphics.


This game looks better than any other game, from the landscape to the wildlife to all the people everything looks like it should. On my first day of owning this game I went to explore. I found the highest mountain I could find and looked over the land as the sun set over the desert. I sat on my horse looking out over this new world and thought that this could be one I care for, one where if bad things happen I would see it happen and feel bad about it. I then rode down the mountain made camp and waited till sunrise before making my way back to town. This world is full of nature and wild life so watching this world is better than any other world but who wants to watch?


This is the most important part of any game and Red Dead has plenty to keep it going, from the start with horse riding to hunting to fighting outlaws to robbing banks. This is a game you play your way as you ride around in this world, anything you point at you can make dead. To start with the missions are simaler to GTA and are possible the weakest part of the gameplay, it follows the simple stucture of talking to someone, riding somewhere, talking to someone else, shooting alot of things then maby riding somewhere else to shoot some more things then your done for another day. Its what you do between missions that makes this a truely amazing game. Hunting is great because there are some many diffrent types of animal to hunt, from the humble duck to deadly bear anything that moves can be filled with bullets, skinned and sold. There are flowers to go gather, poker games to win bandito hideouts to smoke out and prostitutes to save from stabbings. There is alot to do and not much time to do it in, well theres plenty of time but who cares go see this world.


The music in this world is nice and the sound effects work well, however one problem (Elsewise I wouldnt have botherd with sound and just skipped to scoring) and its that the game keeps playing the rattle snake sound as a part of music. So every now and then I freeze and dont know what to do, only to find that it was the music.


Grapics 9/10 as close to perfection without actualy being perfect.
Sound 10/10 sound doesnt bother me too much but this game has it.
Gameplay 8/10 there is a shit load to do but to be honest most of it is just messing about.

Overall 9/10 Almost perfect but just has something missing.

Saturday, 25 December 2010


Well I havent been on for awhile because of work and christmas preperation but now I'm back and right now I'm writing my top 3 games of 2010 reviews, what will they be? The suspence is killing me thats all I know. So This is also a chance for me to say merry Christmas and to talk about what I got. I got a home camcorder but I dont have editing software to make films with it yet, I also got Tropico 3 which is the only game I really wanted this year that I didnt already have. Most importantly I got a box full of japanese sweets, like a candy care package, so overall I'm happy with what I got. Tell me what you guys got and have a good christmas (But if your reading this on christmas then your as sad as me.)

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Why it would suck to live in..... Fallout

Its been awhile since I last posted cause I've been busy busy busy. Today I'm going to disccuss what it be to live in the world which Fallout is set. I'm going to be talking more about the newest one New Vagas more but it applies pritty much to all of them. Now of cause it would be a horrific place to live but not for you surely I mean you've played the game so you know what its all about. So lets start with you charicrter.

1. Your Charicter Gets everything handed to him on a plate

I woke up in Goodsprings after being shot in the head (I'll ignore this for now) to find I had been saved by this docter. He then goes on to let me take everything in house that isnt nailed down. I mean everything.

I dont even know why, greed most likely.

Not only does he let you pillage his home like this but he also gives you a Pit Boy. Now I dont care that you need a pitboy to play the game. I know its there cause they need an easy menue that isnt just like pushing start. However Its still what gives you your edge. It keeps you organised, on the right path and in the right health cause this super advanced computer can tell you how close you are to death. This is an unfair start already.

2. No Real Goverment, No Economy and Expencive Health Care.

Ok sure a badass like who you play in Fallout doesnt care about this one, all he cares about is going round kicking ass, charming ladies and smoking some jet. However (Theres always a however) you've not always been a badass. There was a time when you were small and your parents had to look after you and feed you. Now how did you parents afford the birth? Cause it'll cost atleast 50 caps before a docter will even look your way. Who cares though cause 50 caps is nothing right? Well actualy its alot, food costs 7 caps and there are people out in the waste land that carnt afford that alot of people in fact. Any nameless person you meet infact. They are so poor they carnt afford guns or anything because they only way the can get monry is collection junk to sell to try and earn enough to eat. So empty soda bottle is actualy someones lunch. So the quickest way to earn Karma should be to grab all that food you have (be honest how much do you really need?) and give it to the poor. So those poor wastelander should be happy cause all this means that they can live in the first empty house they find whithout been caught by a morgage or anything like that however.....

3. Death! Death Everywhere!

There is every chance that nice little house will be burnt down by raider or legion or hell even just a random deathclaw that got lost.

Daddy why is the devil sniffing our backdoor?
You see this is a dark terrible where monsters walk the earth and about 90% of people carnt do shit about it. Its true. If a Albino Radscopion found its way into most towns the populas would be overrun in no time at all. The reason for this is that most people dont have guns cause most people carnt afford them. Some might but when they get hom they find the 40 caps the hid away stolen by that rich guy who alreadly has like 12 guns but whants to buy that really, really big one. Though then again though not everyone is one of those panseys theres also the NCR who are like a full blown army. Hell you could join them learn how to shoot and earn a shit ton of cash. Well except....

4. Everything is being controled by people who just want more.

The NCR are in a war against the legion that they might not win, this is like WW2 where the Natzis almost took over eroupe and were ready for the UK. Oh except that there is a usa but they are evenly matched for this fight and the legion doesnt have Russia attacking from the other side. In fact the only real simalartiy between the two is that alot of people are about to die.

5. The Crippling Boredom

Most places in the whole world (not just the wasteland) is stuck in a dark age. There are someplaces which have power but only a select few. So what else is there to do? Books are rare and all non-fiction, the few computers around are ether fancy on-off switches or only have the fallout version of word on them. So then go out an live right? So long as its not too dangerous like those Nightstalkers or something. Well it wont be too bad though cause when your not eating you'll be whatching the horizon for death to finaly come to you.

So thats it, I'm sure there are plently of explinations for how it would rock but well deep down we all know why it would be awesome.

Monday, 6 December 2010

The whole world is dead (it slipped on the ice)

Well I've been busy this week what with all the snow keeping me away from college and sat at home watching the time slip away. In fact I've been so busy doing all that shit that I actualy some how managed to write a review for fallout, which is on my computer ready to be uploaded. Know what the problem is? I'm not on my computer. So Instead I'm going to ramble on as a wait for my friends to get here with something called lemon drizzle  
So lets talk about what's new with me? The snows starting to clear up but now its dangers icy shit that kills people like me. So I still don't want to leave my house, that and the cold wind makes me stay sat in my room playing fallout.
Other news I got shit loads of Kung-Fu films with my pay, from the western ones like Kill Bill to the Big Boss Staring Bruce Lee and one staring the Kung-Fu mega star Bruce Le (I am being sarcastic this guys life is his name is one letter of Bruce Lee, there are a lot like it and it means the film will rock) So I have those to view and enjoy.
Finally I might (This is a big might, everything I say I'm going to do on here tends to be a lie, I think I've told the truth like once) for the the new year run through my top 5 games of all time, So that when it comes to next year I wont be throwing in old games for the game of the year awards. (Plus its fun to do)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Sky is Falling!!!!

Well England (where I live if you didn't know already) is closed down by falling white dots which is coating the land like sugar over my corn flakes. If you live in a country where it snows all the time you might be thinking 'big deal its just snow.' Well this is more snow that there has been in my lifetime combined, this is the beginning of the end in England, its like Mad Max meets Cool Runnings. I just saw children feasting on the frozen body.
I can't get out my house, well I can but its not nice out there. Its snowing more than its not, all wildlife must be dead by now it has to be cause if it wasn't for my quilt and heater I would be. I don't put shit in the fridge any more I just leave it out.

Really though its bad, I kinda blame myself for demanding it be so. Oh well it means I dont have to deal will all my problems that I have to face at college for over a week. Of and this.