Monday, 29 November 2010

Games are just weird

I'm still in gamer mode today but rather than talking about games that dont need to be about violance, or killing or beating each other with your bare hands, no games can be about love everything thats right with the world. Heres my list of these.
Peggle is a puzzle game where you shoot a ball down a screen trying to hit all the 'Pegs' go score points, There are two types of pegs blue ones which are only there for points and Orange Pegs which you need to hit all of, you also whant to get as many points as possibul pers shot for massive point bonuses and most importantly of all you play as one of those charicters up there each with there own special ability so the unicorn has like super aim and can tell you how each ball would bounce or the skateboarding hamster splits your ball into like 2. Its too hard to explain let me get a youtube vid.

This may seem like a simple game with no real appeal before you play but from the moment you fire your first shot you'll be hooked. I think its fair to compair Bottle Cap games to a common crack dealer (Thats cause I assume crack is like rainbows and talking owls so mabey I'm wrong.) They have made a game so brilliant that I could play it for ever. I have to force my self to stop but you can never quit, only take longer breaks between games.

Tetris DS

I know what some of you are thinking, 'oh wow tetris I'm so glad you told me about such a rare un heard of game, Your so great,' and I think its rude that your being so sarcastic, especaly as its really me being sarcastic in my own head. However this tetris game add more to the mix taking full advantage of the DS wi-fi making this the best multiplayer tetris yet. Now you can connect with quiet a few of your friends (I dont know how many exactly) and play against each other ot team deathmatch (can it be called that in tetris?) all from one card. Its hopelessly brilliant. 
I was going to find a video for this but then I remebered that if you have an internet connection and that your reading blogs (not just my blog which seems to be very geeky) then you might have heard of this game. It also however has many diffrent game types but they all center around the basic game of blocks upon blocks upon blocks.

We ♥ Katamari
I'm going to try talking about this after you whatch the opening.

That has nothing to do with anything, thats just the charicters dancing around having a party. Its a game about rolling up things into a katamari (A big ball) and everything you roll will stick to it so long as its bigger than what ever you hit. Things quickly escalate from rolling up pencils and bugs to likie houses and car to eventualy citys. The story behind all this my favrite part, the king of the cosmos (That big guy in the opening) got drunk and destroyed all the stars in the universe so he's taking requests from people over what stars need to be built. He's some of the actual gameplay. 

Actualy maby it is quiet violant. In fact if everyone you b roll up does die then my death count from this game is waaaaaaay higher than my GTA kills and I mean from everygame. So if you want your kids (or like the shortest person you know) To grow up into a productive member of sociaty then keep them away from this game. If you want them to turn out like me then get every game on this list.

Also I though I should say that I got my wish, its monday today and I'm sat at home looking at all the deep snow. So if you make a wish on blogger then it must come true.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Why the world is ready for Time Splitters 4!

I awoke today to my brother playing Call of duty today, its the free xbox live weekend and so he's making the most of it.I felt how ever that as a modern shooter it looks the same as many other FPS these days. The best comparison I can think of is the new Call of Duty and the new Medal Of Honor,

Aside from The HUD I think I would be hard to distinguish the two games from each other, I am sad to say that this seems to be the way for FPS multiplayer games. These are the games that people want, they sell better than any other game but is it because of the mature content set in the realistic world or just the competative play?
The way I feel is that it is the later and that the world that alot of us spend all our time in (How long do you spend playing these games?) could be alot brighter. So I'll look back to my past and to the first FPS I enjoyed playing which was in my opintion the best FPS ever made. I am talking about Timesplitters 2. When I first saw it I rejected it as another FPS, I had played them before and didnt likie them at all. All I wanted to do was to draw with my new art pad and not play this new unknown game. However my brothers nagged and nagged and nagged untill I gave it a go. I destroyed my brothers, they were crushed by my might and accuracy. It was a good day for me I have to admit and what it was that made me love this game? Monkeys.

Well not just monkeys but the soft graphics and cartoon world mkade it easy for someone like me to enjoy. There is less pressure as you whatch everyone run around you realize that its more hectic and crazy than serius and organzied. You dont know whats going to come around the corner next.and because of this its a fun and enjoyable game. The game which came after it was also brilliant and funny I played it almost as much as 2.
That was 2002 (well 2003 as I got it for christmas) now its 2010 and its the world where COD and MOH are kings so I'm here thinking mabey its time for timesplitters to come save us from the dark realisatic war games we're playing now and to take us to farway lands of monkeys vs zombies vs cowboys vs more monkeys. There have been rumours of TS4 for years but when Free Radical whent under in 2008 things looked like the dream had come to end, however in 2009 crytek brought Free Radical which is now Crytek Uk.
The last game they made was Haize which I feel is an even worse generic stereotype which is the space marine. It would be a shame for them to abandon Timesplitters as it a series which I love and one that I know many gamers love. There is a ray of light though as They have realised teaser pictures of the new games which shown they are considering games for this gereration of games.

These excite me so much, I hope that these arnt just console exclusives and come out on everything, even the rumors of a wii version of the game is enough to keep me up at night. Its the xbox 360 and the PS3 (more for Xbox though) cause of DLC. Timesplitters would be perfect for this generations greatest achivment (in my eyes) as even its campain is lots of little stories and little missions. There could be map packs, charicter packs and even monkey packs.
Then there is online gaming which has exploded and it makes me think about how this is a game that even kids would be ok playing online rather than just COD (is there anything more annoying that a 12 year old screaming at you?) as the violance on this is alot simpler and alot less bloody.
So I hope that Crytek can find a publisher for this game cause I dont think I could live in a decade without it. In fact if its not out by 2020 then I'm out and I'll just kill myself and I hope you will to.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

White Christmas?

I was going to put my college work on here but its on my hard drive which is upstairs and I really am that lazy so instead you'll have to put up with my stupid random talks so well lets see. Its Cold, I knew when I said it was cold I was right, its the first time its snowed this earliy in over 17 year in the UK and I'm sat here hoping to be soooo snowed in I carnt go to work tonight, I live round the corner from work so it would have to be snowing so bad that there is just a sea of snow.
I still dont know what to do with my day so if it wasnt for work I would be out in the snow having a ball trying to sledge or throw so snowballs at my brother then after I get too cold and wet coming in to play Red Dead Online.
Its Free Xbox weekend so I'm playing on that when I get off this and all night and mabey all of tommorow but to do that I have to resist Fallout for the weekend, which is impossible to do cause I need to play it. I was playing online for about an hour last night and then my need to play fallout was too much and I was gone. Also I've started again (again) however I will tell you what I'm doing. I'm playing throught as though I was Kahn the barbarian. So its hard I can tell you that much, for starters I picked unarmed and like high endurance and like not inteligence. This is hard because inteligence is my highest stat when I normaly play. So when you play through fallout pick a charicter and just playthrough as that, makes the game sooo much more interesting.
Well thats it for today, hopefully I'll get a chance to post again tommorow and then if I'm not then atleast let me have monday off (Whoever you are why wont you let me have monday off you bastard)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaais is what I would say if I was a zombie, which is the topic of todays post, well more specificly I will be talking about The Walking dead as I said in an earlier post.
The Walking Dead is a comic by Robert Kirkman and is about a super hero who can turn anything he sees into bacon. Just kidding its about Zombies (had you going there right? RIGHT?) and a badass motherfucker named Rick Grimes.
Rick got shot, went into a coma and woke up in a hospitle. This would be disorienting enough but he had the bad luck of waking up after a zombie apocalypse and so he spends the rest of his time being a stone cold badass and if he has some time to spare he'll like make his way to his family.
I will start this by saying I'm not a zombie fan, their over used and seem to be the favrite of any gothy (ie? y? I dont know how to end that) kid. From the Day of the Dead to Diary of the Dead I just dont care so when I saw the Walking Dead comic I was all like "Meh!" but as I kept going about my life it kept coming at me. I put it off and off and off till one day all I had left to read was the walking dead. I regret putting it off now because its just fantastic from the gruesome art (which is hard to portray in black an white) to the brilliant story telling. You become attached to the charicters in this and dislike anyone trys to cause trouble, but the guy you like the most is Rick. With him around you would know you could probely see this apocalypse to the end. So as a comic this is a must read and I give it a 9/10

 How ever this does not necessarily mean that the TV show is going to rock as hard as the comic, as many attempts at a spiderman or the New Adventures of Lois and Clark.

Who am I kidding this show rocks!
However The walking Dead pulls this off, it stays close to the source material and because of this it doesnt lose out, Its only diffrence is for filler and zombie foder but its still as nerve racking as the comic and I think its done this way to stop the people who read  the comic seccond guessing whats going to happen. I didnt like the actor who played rick at first, he reminded me of the guy from highlander too much. This changed however once I saw him in action and I was sold. This is the best Tv show right now better than most other things I've seen and now that southpark has ended this is my main priority to whatch so whatch it everynight the night it comes out. If you dont I will find you and get you, while you sleep.

So this is it for now, tommorow I'll be posting some of my maya work (just so the name of the blog isnt just a lie.)

Monday, 22 November 2010

Random Update 22/11/10

Well To start with I have been busy having bitching house parties and whatching the lastest and greatest shows to blog but I have got several posts planned and heres the list,

-Fallout NV 1st playthrough
-The Walking Dead Tv-comic comparison/review
-Batman R.I.P., Reborn and Return review
-Other Comic lists.
And hopefully much much more, if I get time on wednesday I'll also do like a bonus post if I can think of one. Thanks for all your support and constant views, I'll like make rounds on wednesday and hopefull before too long I'll put my own video online.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Comics Arnt for Kids!!!

This is going to be a list of diffrent comics that (as the title suggests) arnt for kid. This is the main thing said about comics, people think that just because a medium has stuff aimed at children doesnt make the whole medium for children. These comics I think are the best for showing this some are super hero comics, some arnt, some are offencive and some actualy have an important message to get across. So I'll begin with....

5. The Invisibles
This far out, paranoid and just plain trippy comic is the work of (Yet again) Grant Morrison. Its one of his biggest series and this weird comic is one of the first things that spring to mind. This anti-establishment comic is the kind of thing that couldnt have been made if it came out now, it revolves around a band of terrosists fighting everything that is nornal, bad and just plain restricting. However this isnt against any real goverment but parasetic demons from another dimension.Theres plently here for everyone so long as your open minded and dont mind some crazy psychedelic stories.

4. Transmetropolitan

This comic is also an obvious choice for this list, full of profanity, drug use and all sort of other shit thats all wrapped up in an important political message. Its about freedom and the importance of a free media. This comic is diffrent from most you will ever read as you are dragged around the sc-fi world by the Hunter. S. Tompson charicter as he explains what is wrong with everyone and everything in the form of home truths.

3. Preacher
 This is a comic thats hard to sum up in a paragraph, a preast whos depressed and lost faith in god gets possessed by and half angel/half demon which gives him the word of god and the powetr to make anyone do anything he can says. Rather than being corrupted by such power he puts it to a much more important use, to find god and get him to anwser for everything. This comic is like my favrite comic of all  time thanks to the brilliant writing of Garth Ennis this story goes from black comedy to an even darker drama in a heartbeat.

2. The Filth
 Thiis brilliant comic is like the Invisibles but x 1,000, more sex drugs and just plain weirdness from a talking Russian Chimpanzee to a giant flying killer super sperm. Its again written by Gran Morrison and is about one man trying to find out who he is, is he the super spy everyone tells him he is or is there something else? Should he follow what he's told or go with what he thinks.

1. The Boys
When the saviours are worse than the villans they protect us from, whos going to stop them? Thats what the boys are for. This anti-superhero comic raises from the humour of everything people dislike about superheroes, and puts them in a very real context but thats not all, this comic is also writtten by Garth Ennis and follows the black humour of preacher but alot more darker. This is is not for the faint of heart, well none on this list are but with this one is by far the furthest I've seen a comic go.

Thanks for reading, I've a couple more posts being written, I'll put a new post up tommorow as well. If theres any topic you want me to address just say and I'll consider it.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

My 10 rules for life. (and other topics)

This is some stuff I wrote when I was about 16 and I though I was funny, It funny at the time so who knows you might like it.

My 10 Rules for life (By Lexington age 16(or 17 I dont know)

1 . Dont try cause you will hate yourself in the end.
2 .Bro's before whoes
3 .unless its me
4 .Never eat ants. EVER
5 .Dont borrow money off my brother
6 .Be who you whant. Dress how you like and have you hair the way you whant it.
7 .Say you follow rule 6 but really you carnt aford a hair cut
8. Dont tell people what they should and shouldnt like. Only say what you do and dont
9 .Not every one can share the same likes. Something which is sad to you is fun to some one else.
10. Think of ten rules not just nine

In other news I have just brought dynasty warriors strike force and will probely have a re-view up for that sooner than fallout and I'm deciding what my next comic book post will be, something tells me its time for something batman theamed. See y'all next time.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The 5 comics the define their charicter.

Well I'm going back to what I know in this post with another talk about comics, I'm going to pick 5 comics that I think are the best for their charicter, so the kind that dont need to much back story for you to understand and enjoy but if you do then there is soooo much more to enjoy. These are comics I read regularly and well I want you to read them too.

5. 52 (Booster Gold)

52 is a comic book epic which is more of a cross over and might not even fit in here but well I dont care cause the star of the show is Booster gold and skeets. It came after a huge crossover in which the writers sort of re-booted the comics so that everything doesnt contradict everthing else. Its in a world where Batmans going on a break, Supermans needs to re-charge his powers and wonder womans going to 'find herself.'  The comic itself was an experiment to make a comic in real time so it came out once a week and in the story a week would pass, like 24 but you know 52. Its fair to say that the experiment was a succsess but when the project had writters such as Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid and Grant Morrison (my personal favrite writer) it was bound to be a succsess.

The charicter who I enjoyed the most in it was Booster Gold but this comic has plenty others and each takes a turn under the spot lights. Booster Golds story being about trying investigate some irregularitys in the time stream. This however isnt the 1960s anymore and comics have grown up since then so the twists the writters give in this story line are the best.  I would reccomend anyone to read this with little or no background knowlage of DC history.

4. Fantastic Four -1. 2. 3. 4! 
This comic is the one for those who arnt sure whats so Fantastic about these four superheros. Before I read this I wasnt a huge fan but it was reccomened to my by a friend and I've never looked back. Grant Morrison (This wont be his last apperiance) Puts the family into a new light, sure they argue all the time in other comics but never too much. In this we see a Fantastic Four that resent each other, Sues sick of Reed ignoring her to work and Bens jealous of Johnny for his easy life. This is a group of people at their breaking point and with the help from the Teams biggest Villans they'll break. You dont need to know much about the Fantastic Four to enjoy this book and Grant Morrisons writting is brilliant at showing what familys like and the art by Jae Lee and a surreal feeling to the events.
3. Superman Red Son
 Well another favrite writter of mine is Mark Millar whos the man behind Marvels Civil war cross over and Kick Ass. Before he became the biggest writter in the world he made this. Its a simple concept that could have been twisted into a simple story of good vs evil, communnisum vs captialisum or America vs Russia. Thankfully though it isnt, rather than Mark Millare saying its america that made Superman great he reversed it. The America seen in this weak as apposed to Russia which is as strong as the superman who leads it. Not only that but russia actually becomes more powerfull than in real life but without invading anywhere. This comic isnt just smart though, it filled with action and story to keep you reading though to the end and even when you do finish you'll keep coming back for more finding lots of things you never noticed the first time around.

2.Batman and Son, Batman and the Black Glove and Batman RIP

I may have listed 3 comics but there all part of the epic written by Grant Morrison. This is Batman Racing towards his defeat. Its filled with mystery, history and action with this comic just being Batman showing how much of a Badass he is. This is Batman at his prime as we're told he alreadly beaten most the villans in gotham and crimes at an all time low. Little does he know things are happening that will be the beggining of his fall. This comic has everthing from Man-bat ninjas to Batmen from around the world but its the final showdown between bruce wayne and the Black Glove which is really impressive. Who knows mabey Batman will lose this time?
1. Old Man Logan (Wolverine)

As you might be able to tell from the picture this is an epic, its set in a post apocaliptic world and all we know about how the world got this way is that the villans and heroes has a big fight and the heroes lost. The story centers around Logan (wolverine for those who dont know or didnt guess.) Hes an old farmer whos broke and needs to pay rent to the banner kids. So to do this he teams up with a blind hawkeye to travel across America. However something is wrong with Logan, he's no longer the battle hungry warrior we once knew, he refuses to fight never mind pop his claws and this is verry bad in this world with dangers all around the corner. This comic is a cross between a western, a superhero and some other crap that I dont even know. The brilliance of this comic is what Mark Millar leaves unsaid because what ever I imagne happened is always going to be better than what they could ever say, well apart from what happened to wolverine that was waay better than any ideas I had. The art is brilliant and keeps you trapped in the worlds just saying the same thing over and over "just one more page."

Thats it for today, I might post again like on friday or sometime around then so till then, stay classy internet.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Feels so cold.

This is going to be another random post, I swear I'll like do the fallout post soon but I've not been able to play it and now I just got Bladestorm so I'll be playing that for awhile but I'll do the whole fallout thing like soon but for now its still my opinions on everything else.

So I'll start with the winter. Whats up with that? its soooooooooo cold, like I carnt feel my feet and I'm shivering and its not even winter yet! Whats up with that? Yeah these weather patterns suck, I dont think I'll make it to next year so I'm giving up for the winter and going into hibernation like any self respecting mammal would. I think it'll be very good for me and help with shit but to be honest if I had my laptop already I would have done. just live in bed. Well I think I would also need plenty of people willing to help with my madness, which I dont so it doesnt matter.

Other things I'm dissapointed in is the lack of money in my pocket, I wanted so much more money for buying stuff, I wanted like several Kung-fu films, some N64 games and hell a laptop for good messure, I also wanted like non specific drugs or not drugs but when I got my money I was dissapointed by how little there was and more importantly how little it can buy. Like I dont know if anyone has told you but everythings expencive, like super expencive. I got like on thing on that list that I actualy got and its all gone. So I need to learn the value of money or some shit but god £5 for bomberman 64. Maby next month.

Finaly The new South Parks are something to look forward too, I've whatched them both like as soon as they've come out. I hope this means that Trey Parker and Matt Stone are just comic book Nerds. But the real star of these few episodes is Captain Hindsight whos entertains me to no end, I'll be going to this in more depth later point when I do like a big TV post. And so people dont get bored I'll show another cat video.

I'm such a whore.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Things that change my world.

Well Today I'm going to talk about the most influential things I have come across in my day to day, what affects me in a way that gets me to stop and think 'yes' thats what I want to talk to you about. The greatness (And sometimes scaryness) of mankind. So lets start with what the theame is here, its stuff from the internet, these are probely real old and you'll have seen them all but well I dont think you thought about them so much so I'll do that for you. We do live in the age of wonders people and I will show you how crazy mankind has got, the other theame in this is scientific discovery so you'll be learning too if you havent seen all this. First Video!

3. Dr Quantum blows my mind.
Well this video is the most populare of the Dr Quantim videos and the best way to describe this is a kids show mixed with a physics and all sorts of minds blowing shit but this one is the biggest one. If you know alot about physics then you'll know about the double slit experiment, I had heard about it but I didnt know the details so this is way cool. I liked learning useless physics stuff in school and in year 11 I was the only non sixth former to go to an astronamy lecture and if I had stayed at my seccondy school then I would have done astronamy, may have even reached university already but thats not Important, not after whatching this.

Thats some crazy shit up there, just think about that for a seccond (dont realy, it could hurt.) Thats some crazy ass shit but It helps me get the theory behind it. Do you know why this is? Cause the dude wears a cape. Thats works for me. Now I dont care about what I'm doing at uni, it means NOTHING anymore, everything from work the the stupid cold wearther, its all just crazy. Well at least I dont have to do anything about it, some guys going to figure it out and I'll whatch the Dr Quantum about it.

Further Viewing: Dr Quantum - Flatland

2. I'm Putting my brain in one of those (Once they get good)

Well lets see whats going on with robots and all that shit, There important you know, they'll replace imagrants as the scapgoat for all lifes problems and rasicm will end like that (Or mabey not?) So what I dont get is why is none of this in the news? We hear about how GTA is brainwashing me to kill whoever or the fact that two film stars as getting married but these important things never get shown on TV much, and its your fault (maby YOU specificly but someone who might read this blog, I dunno what you like!) So lets cut to the chase ROBOTS. 

Well well well, it seems like someone never gave them the "Dont play god! You little SHITS!" talk. Clearly there just in this so they can put their brains in the fucking robot and then enslave us all. I'd be worried if that thing could actualy do something but it carnt, it just knows when something is near it, so what. It still carnt see (yet) but this is the furture, if they hurry this up then I might live to see the invention of immortality (and the £10 a month I've been putting away to buy my way onto this will be worth it) Good look men, Good luck.

Further Viewing: Jules the Robot

1. The new enlightenment!!

Well in my opinion this next film shows mankind at the peak of its brilliance. This is why we crawled out of the primordial ooze, what helped us defeat the neanderthals, What pushed our great thinkers from aristotle to Steven Hawking and what many soldiers are fighting for right now over in the middle east. This shows what we can do if we work together, what separates us from the animals is our abilty to come up with consepts such as this. This man, this great man is what we should all aspire to be, listen to what he says in the video, thats a mixe of the badassness of batman but the wisdom of socraties. This man did not stop till he showed thw world his great talent. If we had more men like this man running counrtys then mabey we would achive heaven on earth. Lets whatch.

Holy Shit! That is awesome is it not, I dont know how that didnt reach the news! But you see where most men say "Nah brah that'll never work!" He said "YES!" I mean it had to be cooler in real life but come one, did you hear how badly they want to think its the first time they've seen him do it? He must have done it all the time as like some lame ass party trick and then they were like "The world must know!" Or you know he begged them to be in his video. Man I am mad jealous of that camera man. If I knew someone that talented I'd be through film school by now shit there would be like a million of that same trick but done diffrently.

Further Viewing: One man and his tape (or whatever he calls him self, probely dave or some hick name like that)

Well thats all for now folks, I know I said I'd have fallout up but I'm still playing that shit and I dont whant to do it till its done. Also in other news I should be getting my own Laptop tommorow or by at least monday so I'll be blogging more regulary (even if it is another cat video) And I'll be doing one on pokemon Black when I get it. Oh and sorry if any of you are called dave I dont think its that much of a hick name.