Sunday, 3 April 2011

Best Games 2010 (part Two)

Ok I know its been ages and now everyone’s thinking, 'when was it 2010? Last yeah year fuck that.' But fuck you I need to finish what I started. So onto number two best game of last year in my opinion.

2. Fallout New Vagas.

Fallout New Vegas is a game I enjoyed a lot, It would be easy to say its Fallout 3 with minor tweaks. That its the same leap between Call Of Duty Modern Warfare to Modern Warfare 2. Its not though, not content with just making the same game with different skins but Bethesda didn’t just settle with that. 

It starts out the same, being asked questions and making your character and what not. You get traits which are neat and all but nothing new happens till just before you leave. A message comes up telling you that you can ether play the game in a normal mode or you can play it in Hardcore mode. I've spoken the friends just after we all got this game and they all said the same thing. 'fuck that shit I ain’t goin' on no hardcore mode.' I called them cowards and Idiot. Why because Hardcore mode IS the new game. 

Sure factions and new weapons are neat and all but its Hardcore mode that just takes the realism up a notch and makes the game just that much better. For those of you who don’t know what Hardcore mode does its like this, It add 2 new bars for you to keep track of, a hunger Bar and a thirst Bar. It means crippled limbs can only be healed with rare and expensive 'Doctors bags' and when you heal it'll take a few seconds to kick in. These changes turn the desert into a death trap with monsters everywhere out to kill you.

He wants to fuck you up.

So yeah I could spend ages talking about how I like the story or the faction system or even the time made a man’s head blow up with my bare fist. But that you have to experience for yourself, and you better do it on Hardcore mode or not at all if you ask me.

3. Pokemon Heart Gold/Sol Silver

Well I figure this will be the choose that a lot of people disagree with me the most on. Its not a game you just dabble in, you've ether played it and loved it or you shun it (and for all the wrong reasons.) Pokemon is THE best RPG of my life, some gamers have Final Fantasy, some have Breath Of Fire or Dragon Quest Or what ever the fuck but your wrong because pokemon will always be the best.
You dont want to piss Pikachu off, he's into some gangsta shit.

A lot of games are bragging about how you the player choose how to play a game, what weapons you use and how to fight but pokemon you can control every aspect and choose from around 400 Pokemon (Its actually more like 500 now Black/white are out but they came out this year not last) Each of those pokemon of a certain type which has advantages over and weakness. Not only that but there stats are also varied some pokemon are good at physical attack some are good at special attack, some kick ass at attacking first and some can just take a hit. What’s most impressive is how much the player is in control of all this and through several complex game mechanics you too can make your pokemon in your own image.

However its not the mechanics of the game I love but the pokemon an this is where the Love/Hate thing come into it. To get pokemon you have want to know more about the pokemon, you have to enjoy catching them, you have to enjoy training them and watching them evolve and importantly of all you have care about them because you made them stone-cold bad asses they are today. It was you who turned them from a Charmander to a Charizard, you who took the Dratini and made him the Dragonite he is today (with the exception of MewTwo cause he was always a Badass) and if you've trained right you'll not only beat Lance one but you'll have no problem coming back for the even harder seconds one you even beat the Kanto league. This game is huge and brilliant but if Black/White were out last year then they would be top. That’s how it is with pokemon. Now I don’t think I can express how much I love Pokemon, But this fellow seems to have it down.(Oh but it has bad language and If I'm saying that you better whatch out)

So get pokemon and play it RIGHT NOW (ps if you have pokemon leave your data on here and we'll wi-fi)
I would say what I'm going to write about next but I dont know what I'm going to be doing tommorow.


  1. these the best damn pokemon i ever seen!

  2. I have so many pokemon games, fire/red/yellow, silver/gold/crystal, sapphire/ruby, diamond/pearl etc. Then a whole bunch for game cube and N64 XD

    Pokemon Snap is pretty awesome as well though, it was a nice spin from the typical pokemon-style gaming.