Saturday, 30 October 2010

Not that Bad

Well its nice to know alot of you guys care about me and all the nice comments mean alot to me but you dont have to actualy worry about me because it only half true. I mean I'm not charismatic but I'm obviously not as bad as I said or I wouldnt have made a blog. I was writting it to A. Try and be funny and B. So when I start saying I'm better than everyone I dont seem like too big a dick. I'll be writting about Fallout next so speak to you then. (I'll even try and get some pictures.)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I'm tired so who knows what'll happen

Well I'm sat here at 3 Am trying to get more people reading and I dont know what to do. All my ideas fall just short of exposing myself and if it wasnt for blogger policy or the fact that I'm a lonely 19 year old who sits on blogger at 3 in the morning so no one will want to look at me anyway (no offense if your reading this at 3 in the morning.) So anyway I'm sat here with a cat sat on me doing the bond villian thing thinking about how I can rule the internet, I will be moving on to the real world but hey, (whos to say in a few years time the internet wont be the real world? ) The best way to do it is through you my disenfranchised readers, cause at the end of the day we're all the same except your more than likely more charismatic than me, and dont take that as a compliment there have been worker ants who could boss me about so you know. Well thats enough self degradation for now I think I should talk about other things, no one wants to hear me moan about how shit I am for 5 paragraphs (I know this isnt paragraphed but if thats a problem go fuck yourself cause no one else will if you actualy care about that.) I'm sat here listening to the kickass sound track, I like half the songs on it but I could have downloaded 'This town isnt big enough for the both of us' by the sparks without having to listen to quotes from the film every 5 secconds, yes the film litraly kicked my ass but I dont want to listen to it while spaced out thinking of shit to type. The other half is filled with tacks that are just shit, I dont even remeber them in the film, at no point did I hear MIKA sing through the whole thing so why would I whant to hear it now? Aside from that yeah its good, I hear it when ever I read kick ass. I will use this time to talk about selling-out, I know this seems like quiet a jump but I'll make the connection for you. Kick ass was written by mark millar and hes a big massive sell out (just look at the wanted film then the comic then back to the film) Now sure wanted sucked the balls of a donkey dry but that doesnt mean mark millar was wrong for letting them take his comic and bending it over like something out of deliverance cause you know what, I would. If some how I had written a whatchmen like book I would let make it into x-men 3 quality film cause hell selling outs fun, I sold out 3 times before breakfast. See those adverts all over the place? Thats me selling out, thats me showing I only want money and if I want to sell out then thats ok cause hell if I want to do it then thats my call and hell what ever its not like any of this matters. I think that'll do for now, thats enough of my crazy ranting for now so who knows when my next post will be, might be tommorow if I'm not too paralized my deppression to do anything (Well I know I'll at least check my blogger like seven times tommorow) . See you then y'all!!!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Excuses, Excuses

Well I've been trying to write some interesting things on here but I'm working on one computer between 5 people so whenever I get a good about of typing done I have to stop and save to drafts, and then later I come back and think, I dont want to talk about this so to be honest I dont think this is going to be consistant for awhile  Well At least soon I'll be able to to post everyday once I get my laptop. Oh but this is hardly a post more just what I'd tell my tutors when I go back to college about the 5 essays I'm ment to be doing so to make it up to you heres a video of a cat that I find funny.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Games Review- Life

Sorry it took me so long to reply, I wish I could have done so sooner but I've been busy with my crap job and even worse socal life so its time I did a new post. Its time for a games review post but I was unsure what game to do so I decided to go for a universal game that everyone plays. LIFE. (That whole thing didnt sound so cheesy in my head) it's the way for me to show what I expect of my games. So I'll start at the beginning, this is a game that takes ages to get into, its just a long tutorial after tutorial. Theres alot to learn and it takes along time to do it. Alot the things you get taught you wont even use for the rest of the game depending on how you chose to play the game. That is the big advantage of this game is the variation, this is a game where you can do what you want. Play the game how you want, be it just a game where you do nothing or go around on a mass killing rampage, this is where the media have gone crazy, there are some points in this game where the violance is stupidly common in some places. This is a game where you can just go out and kill anyone you want, do what ever you want. You can take drugs or sleep with random people and if your careful about it then there will be no consequences for your actions.
I have alot of problems with this game though, for starters theres no real story it all seems like random events one after another. I played for ages an nothing happened. Sure there is alot going on that you can go see but for any real excitment you have to do alot of stuff and reach alot of certain requirerments before you can do all these amazing things. Another thing this game boasts is customization of you charicter but to get any of the good thing cost alot of money which has to be earnt by doing lot of mini games. In fact the whole game relys on money which can only be earnt by doing these jobs all of which take learning skills and playing mini games.
The seccond big problem the game has is the cut scenes, you carnt skip them. Sure during important story points like graduation or conversations I might understand but I spend over 4 hour yesterday on the bus, I couldnt skip a moment of this. I had to sit though 4 hours of bus. Its a nice novelty at first but now I just want it all to end. This happens with everything and the further you want to go the longer the cut scene, it sucks.
My final and biggest prolem I have with this game is the end *SPOILER* you die. You always die and no matter how many times you try to play though it you will always die and its a fallout 3 ending in the way that it just ends. No messing about in the huge sandbox world once you've done all your work it just ends, so it makes you feel like all your hard work building stats and customizing your charicter are well pointless, if it wernt for the most important factor in this game. This brings new meaning to the word mulitplayer. Forget WOW or any other MMORPG cause if talking to people while you play is what your into then this game is all for you., to be honest I dont, People are not my thing. I hate people, be it conversing with people, looking at people or just thinking about people then thats me out, simple as that. (God knows why I started a blog) And this games thing is people and how well you work with people. You rely on other players not to beat you up and take all your things, to look after you when something goes wrong and just to help you  though the game, the difficulty comes in on where you start. I picked easy difficulty and I am struggling with that, its set in an MEDC in a middle class household yet I'm still struggling with it. On harder difficultys you move from a middle class in a first world country to well a poor person in a Third world contry and the game just gets harder and harder.
Very good but to get the most out of the game you really need to get to some of the more immpressive points and to do that you need to work hard. 9/10
The sound effects are good but aside from that these nothing to this, I just plug in my Ipod and drown out the sounds. 5/10
As I said before, I dont even know if there is a story. Its all just random events one after annother, like many MMORPGs this isnt so immortant. 6/10
Well there are some very fun bits but I dont want to deal with people, if people are your thing then this is the game for you but I dont think making a game and making it all about how you deal with people a game. 7/10

So to summerize, MMO fan then this is for you, like single player games more then just stick to something else. 7/10
I'll be doing annother post tommorow due to populare demand and that will be a comics one again and the next in the games departmen will hopefully be Fallout New Vagas but theres just as good a chance it'll be comic jumper. Thaniks for reading Folks.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Comics Comics Comics

This post will be dedicated to comics, rather than trying to fit several diffrent subjects in like I did with my last post I'll focus on diffrent subjects each post. Today I am starting with comics, as I said before I am a batfan (if thats not already a coined phrase then dibs) I dont think that the films do him justice. Now I would like to point out its Batman who I enjoy, dont get me wrong I like the joker and the supporting cast and they have been the appeal of the films but I have yet to see anyone play Batman and play him right, Bale came close, he sort of has the badass thing going on but he still just seems boring compared to the comic Bat. Mabey my expectaions are too high and I envision this grand performance that gets it right but the Batman in my head to too far from what the films have shown. To be honest though its always going to be this way, I see batman as the badass ninja detective from the dark knight returns or the newer grant morrison stuff (I worship grant morrison but I might end up there later who knows) but the another reader sees the adam west batman from the 1960s and long time ago some one only knew the Bob Kane version. There are a thousand Batmen and thats why I like him so much, he's being around so much and there are so many interpretations of Batman that everyone has there own Batman. Thats why people get so annoyed when they dont like how he written but I just accept that when someone writes him they are writing there Batman, not yours and not mine but one day I hope we will all get our Batmen

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Big intro Post

Well this is my first attempt at something to say so I think I'll start with what I'll be doing in this blog. I'll talk about Game, comics and what ever the hell else I feel like.
The game I carnt stop playing now is Red Dead Redemption. Its great I'll start with that, I'm not finish but the first half is better than what any sand box game has done since fallout, but unlike fallout I'm content with doing nothing, I never use quick travel but I have never liked that in a game, however in red dead it seems even more pointless especially seeing how great the world is. Everything looks great, like a real world I often stop to look at everything around me, just to take it in. Then there is the actual content which there is alot of. Hows killing people? Its great from fighting Banditos who trick you into stopping and lowering your gaurd to wiping out and entire towns. The bounty system works well as you slowly get more and more wanted the worse it gets and killinng one posse wont suddenly get you out of trouble like in GTA, it gradualy gets worse and worse. Dont like killing people? Why not hunt animals? From birds to wolves to goats to snakes it is non stop. For the real men who make it to the end there are bears (I am not there yet I still have to wait for my brother to finish it first Damn it.) How about seeing how long you can go without killing? Theres plenty to do from breaking in horses to poker there is enought to keep you occupied but it wont take long before your trigger finger gets itchy again and you go back to killing everything that moves, cause its a big scary almost real world with everyone ether trying to kill you to asking you to meet those who are trying to kill you.

Well there is one comic I will talk about, again and again and again on this. That is the king of king, the god teir hero Batman. Batman is what I've wished I could have been since I was a boy. I cannot explain my love for Batman in words because there are no words except for Batman (Note to self start using that as an adjective i.e. this shit is so batman,) it would be easier if you the reader shared my love for him then there wouldnt be a problem here!!! So now that I'm past my big Batman thing I'm going to talk about everything else I like, there is alot. Superheros are the best for me but I read anything I can get my hands on. I read Virtigo, Wildstorm, Avartar. WHATEVER I CAN FIND!!!! So I'll start with a question to you my 5 readers (3 of which will be me) to make your dream Avengers and why? I'll start with my team.
-Captain America ( cause the team needs a leader and steve rocks)
-Spiderman (cause he's funny whenever theres a battle he makes everything seem better and the book a whole lot easyier to read)
-Iron Fist (I dont know, I like kung fu?)
-Thor (He's a A god!!)
-Spiderwoman (she has secret agent training)
-Johnny Storm, (This is probebly my most contovesal choice but I like his powers so thats what I feel is important but personality wise I dont know, I'd have to wait and see)

Give me your feedback so I hope there is alot.