Thursday, 7 October 2010

Big intro Post

Well this is my first attempt at something to say so I think I'll start with what I'll be doing in this blog. I'll talk about Game, comics and what ever the hell else I feel like.
The game I carnt stop playing now is Red Dead Redemption. Its great I'll start with that, I'm not finish but the first half is better than what any sand box game has done since fallout, but unlike fallout I'm content with doing nothing, I never use quick travel but I have never liked that in a game, however in red dead it seems even more pointless especially seeing how great the world is. Everything looks great, like a real world I often stop to look at everything around me, just to take it in. Then there is the actual content which there is alot of. Hows killing people? Its great from fighting Banditos who trick you into stopping and lowering your gaurd to wiping out and entire towns. The bounty system works well as you slowly get more and more wanted the worse it gets and killinng one posse wont suddenly get you out of trouble like in GTA, it gradualy gets worse and worse. Dont like killing people? Why not hunt animals? From birds to wolves to goats to snakes it is non stop. For the real men who make it to the end there are bears (I am not there yet I still have to wait for my brother to finish it first Damn it.) How about seeing how long you can go without killing? Theres plenty to do from breaking in horses to poker there is enought to keep you occupied but it wont take long before your trigger finger gets itchy again and you go back to killing everything that moves, cause its a big scary almost real world with everyone ether trying to kill you to asking you to meet those who are trying to kill you.

Well there is one comic I will talk about, again and again and again on this. That is the king of king, the god teir hero Batman. Batman is what I've wished I could have been since I was a boy. I cannot explain my love for Batman in words because there are no words except for Batman (Note to self start using that as an adjective i.e. this shit is so batman,) it would be easier if you the reader shared my love for him then there wouldnt be a problem here!!! So now that I'm past my big Batman thing I'm going to talk about everything else I like, there is alot. Superheros are the best for me but I read anything I can get my hands on. I read Virtigo, Wildstorm, Avartar. WHATEVER I CAN FIND!!!! So I'll start with a question to you my 5 readers (3 of which will be me) to make your dream Avengers and why? I'll start with my team.
-Captain America ( cause the team needs a leader and steve rocks)
-Spiderman (cause he's funny whenever theres a battle he makes everything seem better and the book a whole lot easyier to read)
-Iron Fist (I dont know, I like kung fu?)
-Thor (He's a A god!!)
-Spiderwoman (she has secret agent training)
-Johnny Storm, (This is probebly my most contovesal choice but I like his powers so thats what I feel is important but personality wise I dont know, I'd have to wait and see)

Give me your feedback so I hope there is alot.


  1. i loved red dead, i completed it the other day.

  2. - Cap and Thor, because together they're the ultimate leadership, strategy and ultimate power, with a mortal and Godly perspective combined.
    - Hawkeye, because he's kickin back with these over-powered beings, and still he's a badass!
    - Hercules, wasn't so sure cause I had Thor already, but he is the most amusing Godly character, mixing humour well with the hard decisions he must inevitably make.
    - Ant-Man (Eric O'Grady), yeah yeah he isn't the original, and he is a douchebag, but I love the whole shrink-only Ant-Man idea, so ideal for covert storylines! On top of this he's amusing, and it would be nice to see him grow more heart through being a team member.
    - Spiderman, constant reliable comic relief, and also just an insanely likable character.
    - A writer other than Bendis, I mean cmaaan.