Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Comics Comics Comics

This post will be dedicated to comics, rather than trying to fit several diffrent subjects in like I did with my last post I'll focus on diffrent subjects each post. Today I am starting with comics, as I said before I am a batfan (if thats not already a coined phrase then dibs) I dont think that the films do him justice. Now I would like to point out its Batman who I enjoy, dont get me wrong I like the joker and the supporting cast and they have been the appeal of the films but I have yet to see anyone play Batman and play him right, Bale came close, he sort of has the badass thing going on but he still just seems boring compared to the comic Bat. Mabey my expectaions are too high and I envision this grand performance that gets it right but the Batman in my head to too far from what the films have shown. To be honest though its always going to be this way, I see batman as the badass ninja detective from the dark knight returns or the newer grant morrison stuff (I worship grant morrison but I might end up there later who knows) but the another reader sees the adam west batman from the 1960s and long time ago some one only knew the Bob Kane version. There are a thousand Batmen and thats why I like him so much, he's being around so much and there are so many interpretations of Batman that everyone has there own Batman. Thats why people get so annoyed when they dont like how he written but I just accept that when someone writes him they are writing there Batman, not yours and not mine but one day I hope we will all get our Batmen


  1. nanananana batman i love him 2 worlds greatest detective

  2. Cool, I can't wait for more to come!

  3. yeah, this is going to be good... update more!