Tuesday, 12 April 2011

30 Day Comic Challange:- Day One The First Comic Book

Well I was going to do this for the 30 day music challange thats going around on facebook but its hard for me to think of music like that, however I saw this and though I could use it for my blog. So Day One is my first comic, now this wasnt my first I read loads of comics when I was younger or what would be a better way to say it is that I enjoyed the art of many comics when I was younger but I didnt read them because that wasnt for me.

Then when at some point I saw that League of Extraordinary Gentlemen film when I was younger. Now I dont know how old I was but I was old enough not to hate it but my mum wasnt happy with this. She then found her old copies of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comic for me and said I should read them.

And I did, all in one night (and it was late when I whatched the film,) I think its fair to say I changed that day and I when through all the comics I looked at when I was younger and I loved them.  So I feel bad when Alan Moore Dissess that film, not because it isnt shit but because if it wasnt for that I wouldnt be the geek I am today. Stay tuned cause I'll be going through the list everyday (Or at least I plan too I might miss a day or three every now and then)
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