Saturday, 9 April 2011

Writing about nothing.

Ok well I'm going to address the many diffrent things that I'm doing with my life right now (as I have no idea about what I want to write about) because my friends are nagging me to write another post for this damn thing.
So I'll start with games, right now I'm playing harvest moon for the PSX on my psp. Its a good game the same as the game boy advanced one but with more added to it. I've been loving it pouring all my time and effort in when ever I can. For those who havent played a Harvest Moon game I reccomend you play it however there is a good chance you'll see it as a pointless waste of time but if your like me then you'll be addicted. There is a story to me and Harvest Moon though, I must warn you its a sad one.
I had my farm up and running, I had a prize winning cow, a happy sheep, loads of chickens, a huge house, the love of a girl and more money than I could spent.

I made this farm look like shit

It was at this point that my version of the game breaks at a certain point. Its a point I need to get past as well or else everything has been to waste, well it has been to waste. I'm stuck now cause there is nothing worse for me than not being able to play a specific game, it drives me mad. I dont know what I'll play next, I might get it for DS or I'll just sit in bed looking at my farm that I'll never finish. Who knows?

In music I've started to get back in touch with my roots, lately all I've listened to is gangster rap, I couldnt get enough of it, however my Ipod broke and so I'm having to borrow my mums. Her taste in music is a bit weak but a while ago I had the same problem and put loads of my music on there and its music I used to listen to a lot. What type of music? Indy rock of cause, and now I'm addicted again. So I'll put up the song I'm listening to right this seccond, I think its too catchy to not love. I dont think the videos on youtube and I dont trust other streaming websites so this will have to do

In Tvs show I'm whatching all sorts but its HBO's 'The Wire' thats my perticulare Favorite at the moment. If you havent seen it then I reccomend it more than any other TV show but you have to keep at it because its slow to start.

Other Shows I would reccomend are 'The Walking Dead' and 'Sons Of Anarchy' which are bother brilliant shows but 'The Wire' is the Best of the Best, from realistic loose cannon cops like McNulty to the smart drug dealer Stringer Bell to the Most Bad ass Gay Gangster You'll ever see in Omar. Its a brilliant show that'll keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you guessing whos going to win this time, the cops or the crooks.

And Finaly in comics I've just read Marvels last Cross-over Shadowlands, in it Daredevil has taken over the Hand (a army of undead ninjas) and is trying to use them for good. Unfourtunatly for Daredevil its the Hand thats using him. So when Daredevil crosses a line no superhero should cross then all hell breaks lose (at some points litratly.)

I have to confess I didnt have high hopes for this when I heard about it but when I had heard Andy Diggle was writing it (The losers, Dark Riegn Hawkeye) I was then realived. This comic has more ninjas, random superheros turning up and unessasary tie ins (why should I care how shadow land effects Silver Sable?) I enjoyed this comic and even if it does get a little too far-fethched at somepoints spidermans wittisisums make up for that and its left me with a burning need to read more comics so I'll just have to wait while Brightest day (dcs green lanter cross over) and Fear Itself (marvels newest cross over about norse gods) to finish before I can talk to you some more. Peace out.

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