Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaais is what I would say if I was a zombie, which is the topic of todays post, well more specificly I will be talking about The Walking dead as I said in an earlier post.
The Walking Dead is a comic by Robert Kirkman and is about a super hero who can turn anything he sees into bacon. Just kidding its about Zombies (had you going there right? RIGHT?) and a badass motherfucker named Rick Grimes.
Rick got shot, went into a coma and woke up in a hospitle. This would be disorienting enough but he had the bad luck of waking up after a zombie apocalypse and so he spends the rest of his time being a stone cold badass and if he has some time to spare he'll like make his way to his family.
I will start this by saying I'm not a zombie fan, their over used and seem to be the favrite of any gothy (ie? y? I dont know how to end that) kid. From the Day of the Dead to Diary of the Dead I just dont care so when I saw the Walking Dead comic I was all like "Meh!" but as I kept going about my life it kept coming at me. I put it off and off and off till one day all I had left to read was the walking dead. I regret putting it off now because its just fantastic from the gruesome art (which is hard to portray in black an white) to the brilliant story telling. You become attached to the charicters in this and dislike anyone trys to cause trouble, but the guy you like the most is Rick. With him around you would know you could probely see this apocalypse to the end. So as a comic this is a must read and I give it a 9/10

 How ever this does not necessarily mean that the TV show is going to rock as hard as the comic, as many attempts at a spiderman or the New Adventures of Lois and Clark.

Who am I kidding this show rocks!
However The walking Dead pulls this off, it stays close to the source material and because of this it doesnt lose out, Its only diffrence is for filler and zombie foder but its still as nerve racking as the comic and I think its done this way to stop the people who read  the comic seccond guessing whats going to happen. I didnt like the actor who played rick at first, he reminded me of the guy from highlander too much. This changed however once I saw him in action and I was sold. This is the best Tv show right now better than most other things I've seen and now that southpark has ended this is my main priority to whatch so whatch it everynight the night it comes out. If you dont I will find you and get you, while you sleep.

So this is it for now, tommorow I'll be posting some of my maya work (just so the name of the blog isnt just a lie.)


  1. You might want to monetize that bacon superhero idea tho! haha

  2. a superhero who turns things to bacon is the best thing I've heard all week.

  3. I'd love the superpower to turn stuff into bacon! Bacon is awesome o.O
    Not a big zombie fan but maybe I'll skip through the comic sometime soon if I can get a hold of it

  4. good post, i'll be sure to check out your work in maya, I tried to learn some 3d studio max myself but didn't have the time.

  5. Can't wait for episode 5, the preview looked really exciting.

  6. Great idea, bacon is so delicious :D

  7. I love the Walking Dead. Watch it every week. Since, you've read the comics, can you tell us what some of the differences are between the comic and TV show, only up to the current episode (the one where they do the prisoner exchange thing). Thanks.

  8. I haven't seen Walking Dead yet. Everyone keeps telling me to watch it though.