Sunday, 14 November 2010

My 10 rules for life. (and other topics)

This is some stuff I wrote when I was about 16 and I though I was funny, It funny at the time so who knows you might like it.

My 10 Rules for life (By Lexington age 16(or 17 I dont know)

1 . Dont try cause you will hate yourself in the end.
2 .Bro's before whoes
3 .unless its me
4 .Never eat ants. EVER
5 .Dont borrow money off my brother
6 .Be who you whant. Dress how you like and have you hair the way you whant it.
7 .Say you follow rule 6 but really you carnt aford a hair cut
8. Dont tell people what they should and shouldnt like. Only say what you do and dont
9 .Not every one can share the same likes. Something which is sad to you is fun to some one else.
10. Think of ten rules not just nine

In other news I have just brought dynasty warriors strike force and will probely have a re-view up for that sooner than fallout and I'm deciding what my next comic book post will be, something tells me its time for something batman theamed. See y'all next time.