Friday, 5 November 2010

Things that change my world.

Well Today I'm going to talk about the most influential things I have come across in my day to day, what affects me in a way that gets me to stop and think 'yes' thats what I want to talk to you about. The greatness (And sometimes scaryness) of mankind. So lets start with what the theame is here, its stuff from the internet, these are probely real old and you'll have seen them all but well I dont think you thought about them so much so I'll do that for you. We do live in the age of wonders people and I will show you how crazy mankind has got, the other theame in this is scientific discovery so you'll be learning too if you havent seen all this. First Video!

3. Dr Quantum blows my mind.
Well this video is the most populare of the Dr Quantim videos and the best way to describe this is a kids show mixed with a physics and all sorts of minds blowing shit but this one is the biggest one. If you know alot about physics then you'll know about the double slit experiment, I had heard about it but I didnt know the details so this is way cool. I liked learning useless physics stuff in school and in year 11 I was the only non sixth former to go to an astronamy lecture and if I had stayed at my seccondy school then I would have done astronamy, may have even reached university already but thats not Important, not after whatching this.

Thats some crazy shit up there, just think about that for a seccond (dont realy, it could hurt.) Thats some crazy ass shit but It helps me get the theory behind it. Do you know why this is? Cause the dude wears a cape. Thats works for me. Now I dont care about what I'm doing at uni, it means NOTHING anymore, everything from work the the stupid cold wearther, its all just crazy. Well at least I dont have to do anything about it, some guys going to figure it out and I'll whatch the Dr Quantum about it.

Further Viewing: Dr Quantum - Flatland

2. I'm Putting my brain in one of those (Once they get good)

Well lets see whats going on with robots and all that shit, There important you know, they'll replace imagrants as the scapgoat for all lifes problems and rasicm will end like that (Or mabey not?) So what I dont get is why is none of this in the news? We hear about how GTA is brainwashing me to kill whoever or the fact that two film stars as getting married but these important things never get shown on TV much, and its your fault (maby YOU specificly but someone who might read this blog, I dunno what you like!) So lets cut to the chase ROBOTS. 

Well well well, it seems like someone never gave them the "Dont play god! You little SHITS!" talk. Clearly there just in this so they can put their brains in the fucking robot and then enslave us all. I'd be worried if that thing could actualy do something but it carnt, it just knows when something is near it, so what. It still carnt see (yet) but this is the furture, if they hurry this up then I might live to see the invention of immortality (and the £10 a month I've been putting away to buy my way onto this will be worth it) Good look men, Good luck.

Further Viewing: Jules the Robot

1. The new enlightenment!!

Well in my opinion this next film shows mankind at the peak of its brilliance. This is why we crawled out of the primordial ooze, what helped us defeat the neanderthals, What pushed our great thinkers from aristotle to Steven Hawking and what many soldiers are fighting for right now over in the middle east. This shows what we can do if we work together, what separates us from the animals is our abilty to come up with consepts such as this. This man, this great man is what we should all aspire to be, listen to what he says in the video, thats a mixe of the badassness of batman but the wisdom of socraties. This man did not stop till he showed thw world his great talent. If we had more men like this man running counrtys then mabey we would achive heaven on earth. Lets whatch.

Holy Shit! That is awesome is it not, I dont know how that didnt reach the news! But you see where most men say "Nah brah that'll never work!" He said "YES!" I mean it had to be cooler in real life but come one, did you hear how badly they want to think its the first time they've seen him do it? He must have done it all the time as like some lame ass party trick and then they were like "The world must know!" Or you know he begged them to be in his video. Man I am mad jealous of that camera man. If I knew someone that talented I'd be through film school by now shit there would be like a million of that same trick but done diffrently.

Further Viewing: One man and his tape (or whatever he calls him self, probely dave or some hick name like that)

Well thats all for now folks, I know I said I'd have fallout up but I'm still playing that shit and I dont whant to do it till its done. Also in other news I should be getting my own Laptop tommorow or by at least monday so I'll be blogging more regulary (even if it is another cat video) And I'll be doing one on pokemon Black when I get it. Oh and sorry if any of you are called dave I dont think its that much of a hick name.


  1. haha, we did that double slit experiment in my physics class

  2. I've seen the first video before but the other 2 are new to me, cool stuff.