Sunday, 28 November 2010

Why the world is ready for Time Splitters 4!

I awoke today to my brother playing Call of duty today, its the free xbox live weekend and so he's making the most of it.I felt how ever that as a modern shooter it looks the same as many other FPS these days. The best comparison I can think of is the new Call of Duty and the new Medal Of Honor,

Aside from The HUD I think I would be hard to distinguish the two games from each other, I am sad to say that this seems to be the way for FPS multiplayer games. These are the games that people want, they sell better than any other game but is it because of the mature content set in the realistic world or just the competative play?
The way I feel is that it is the later and that the world that alot of us spend all our time in (How long do you spend playing these games?) could be alot brighter. So I'll look back to my past and to the first FPS I enjoyed playing which was in my opintion the best FPS ever made. I am talking about Timesplitters 2. When I first saw it I rejected it as another FPS, I had played them before and didnt likie them at all. All I wanted to do was to draw with my new art pad and not play this new unknown game. However my brothers nagged and nagged and nagged untill I gave it a go. I destroyed my brothers, they were crushed by my might and accuracy. It was a good day for me I have to admit and what it was that made me love this game? Monkeys.

Well not just monkeys but the soft graphics and cartoon world mkade it easy for someone like me to enjoy. There is less pressure as you whatch everyone run around you realize that its more hectic and crazy than serius and organzied. You dont know whats going to come around the corner next.and because of this its a fun and enjoyable game. The game which came after it was also brilliant and funny I played it almost as much as 2.
That was 2002 (well 2003 as I got it for christmas) now its 2010 and its the world where COD and MOH are kings so I'm here thinking mabey its time for timesplitters to come save us from the dark realisatic war games we're playing now and to take us to farway lands of monkeys vs zombies vs cowboys vs more monkeys. There have been rumours of TS4 for years but when Free Radical whent under in 2008 things looked like the dream had come to end, however in 2009 crytek brought Free Radical which is now Crytek Uk.
The last game they made was Haize which I feel is an even worse generic stereotype which is the space marine. It would be a shame for them to abandon Timesplitters as it a series which I love and one that I know many gamers love. There is a ray of light though as They have realised teaser pictures of the new games which shown they are considering games for this gereration of games.

These excite me so much, I hope that these arnt just console exclusives and come out on everything, even the rumors of a wii version of the game is enough to keep me up at night. Its the xbox 360 and the PS3 (more for Xbox though) cause of DLC. Timesplitters would be perfect for this generations greatest achivment (in my eyes) as even its campain is lots of little stories and little missions. There could be map packs, charicter packs and even monkey packs.
Then there is online gaming which has exploded and it makes me think about how this is a game that even kids would be ok playing online rather than just COD (is there anything more annoying that a 12 year old screaming at you?) as the violance on this is alot simpler and alot less bloody.
So I hope that Crytek can find a publisher for this game cause I dont think I could live in a decade without it. In fact if its not out by 2020 then I'm out and I'll just kill myself and I hope you will to.


  1. I've never even heard of Timesplitters before. If it comes out on the PC I will surely check it out.

  2. Ya I find multiplayer makes games worth buying because it extends their life, while single player games are good till ure done and they sit on the shelf forever-or u sell it for a fraction of the price :(

  3. The main difference between both games is all about the gameplay!

  4. I remember playing the old timesplitters at the arcade with my buddies. Good times.

  5. It would be cool to have another time splitters.