Saturday, 27 November 2010

White Christmas?

I was going to put my college work on here but its on my hard drive which is upstairs and I really am that lazy so instead you'll have to put up with my stupid random talks so well lets see. Its Cold, I knew when I said it was cold I was right, its the first time its snowed this earliy in over 17 year in the UK and I'm sat here hoping to be soooo snowed in I carnt go to work tonight, I live round the corner from work so it would have to be snowing so bad that there is just a sea of snow.
I still dont know what to do with my day so if it wasnt for work I would be out in the snow having a ball trying to sledge or throw so snowballs at my brother then after I get too cold and wet coming in to play Red Dead Online.
Its Free Xbox weekend so I'm playing on that when I get off this and all night and mabey all of tommorow but to do that I have to resist Fallout for the weekend, which is impossible to do cause I need to play it. I was playing online for about an hour last night and then my need to play fallout was too much and I was gone. Also I've started again (again) however I will tell you what I'm doing. I'm playing throught as though I was Kahn the barbarian. So its hard I can tell you that much, for starters I picked unarmed and like high endurance and like not inteligence. This is hard because inteligence is my highest stat when I normaly play. So when you play through fallout pick a charicter and just playthrough as that, makes the game sooo much more interesting.
Well thats it for today, hopefully I'll get a chance to post again tommorow and then if I'm not then atleast let me have monday off (Whoever you are why wont you let me have monday off you bastard)


  1. good post, I like Fallout too, I'm midway through New Vegas right now.

  2. nice post. You can have monday off now

  3. Good article, now go and have some rest =P